See and hear what other pet care professionals have to say about canine influenza.

Video series: The impact of CIV on pet care facilities

CIV videos

In spring 2012, pet care facility owners and veterinarians participated in a roundtable discussion about the devastating CIV outbreaks they experienced, why they recommend CIV vaccination for their clients´ dogs, and how to implement a CIV requirement.

The roundtable was the subject of the following video series:

Part 1: What makes CIV so dangerous
Part 2: What to expect if an outbreak strikes
Part 3: Managing outbreaks
Part 4: Client communication about CIV
Part 5: Implementing a canine influenza vaccination requirement


Pet Care Facilities Teleconference

In June 2011, a special teleconference brought together boarding facility directors from 10 geographically diverse states to learn more about canine influenza and the importance of vaccination from a panel of their peers.

What they learned increased their awareness of the risk that canine influenza posed to their clients and their facilities.

Before the teleconference: 17% of participants required canine influenza vaccination for their canine clients.

After the teleconference: 64% of participants said they intended to require or recommend canine influenza vaccination before allowing a dog to board with them.

Part 1: The threat of canine influenza
Part 2: Risks posed by canine influenza
Part 3: Management and prevention
Part 4: Conclusions


Survey on vaccination requirements

A survey of 127 pet care facilities covering all regions nationwide indicates that facilities are increasingly aware of canine influenza and are taking steps against it.3

  • 78.0% train staff to identify canine influenza virus (CIV)
  • 22.8% said they might have seen CIV
  • 2.4% reported confirmed CIV cases
  • 25.9% of facilities require CIV vaccination
  • 22.3% can't require CIV vaccination due to local unavailability*
  • 43.3% of the pet care facilities' local vets offer CIV vaccine

* Nobivac® Canine Flu H3N8 and Canine Influenza Vaccine H3N2 are available to all licensed veterinarians in the US.

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